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13th Dec 2014 | by: Bob Knoke

Almost Christmas in the Valley, and it’s sure nice to be in from the cold. Our Golden Grove residents are getting ready to celebrate the birth of our Christ.

We do it a little different here in the valley, no snowmen, our Christmas trees often bare us citrus fruit just about the time we cover them with lights; SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Just a test, real pic will be with lights and oranges showing. most often our outdoor Christmas events are attended in shirt sleeves, but then you can find some of the more hardy still in shorts. Actually, with the local residents so unaccustomed to the cold, and the Winter Texans a bit more hardy, it’s not unheard of to see someone in shorts standing next to someone in a parka! But, I have to admit that’s kind of rare.


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    Glad to see your checking it out and using it. I’m having some trouble getting the Latest News to also post on the home page section. Looks like I’ll have to make some edits to the program to get this to work. It seems to do it for side-bars and the footer but the home page body doesn’t seem to work.
    I need some photos. I’ll be working on this mostly for the week.

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